Wednesday, February 02, 2005

An Artful Journey

Welcome to my blog! My friend, Kris, encouraged me to begin a blog as a way to share my thoughts and projects. I am cautiously subtitling my blog "An Art-full Journey" as I hope to make this a weekly sharing of artistic things that interest me and things I've created. I tend to find art everywhere. Look for quotes, book reviews, mini projects you can make, photos of art projects (mine and others'), how tos, and talk about my projects and artistic process. I welcome your comments! Please talk to me.

Art Quote of the Week

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."

I have been learning to knit. I began in November, 2004 and once my children saw that I was actually producing something, they wanted scarves. I knit one for my older son, Alex, to take back to school with him after Christmas break. It was neat to choose the yarn and colors that Alex wanted, then to think of Alex as I knitted the scarf. It was a very simple pattern, but it was woven with love. When I finished it, Alex (who is 20) hugged its softness in a childlike way and smiled. "I love it, Mom!" he said. And I replied, "It was knitted with love." A masterpiece.

Mini Project

Knitted Beanbag/Paperweight. You don't need a lot of yarn to make this project. Just make sure it is "worsted weight" and have size eight (US) needles. Knit up (in any pattern you like; plain garter stitch will work) two 4 inch squares. Whip stitch them together on three sides. Fill the "pocket" with dried beans, and stitch the fourth side closed. Voila! Something fun to cuddle in your cube at work, weigh down papers, or lob at a fellow coworker (my husband's idea, not mine!). Variations: this is a great way to use practice swatches of different stitch patterns. You can also knit the squares in stockinette stitch (remember to block them so they uncurl), then duplicate stitch a design on them. Enjoy!

To learn to knit, visit and click the "Learn to knit" link at the top of Lion's homepage.

About The Photo

The photo at the top of today's entry shows me and my dog, Daisy. We are wearing scarves that I knitted (some of my first projects). Daisy will be 11 this year and was rescued from the pound. She is a faithful and loving companion! Photo date: December, 2004.

More soon...


Stacey said...

Hi Else! I really like your new blog. I am glad to finally understand what these things are and what people use them for. Kris talks about them a lot and sometimes it is one of those topics where I get a little glazed over. He is really excited about his site. I think it looks really nice.

I was reading about how you knitted your son a scarf and how special that is. My mom crocheted me a scarf for Christmas and it means so much to me knowing that her hands created it just for me. She is also learning to knit and has also made some that way. She also loved the cross-stitch picture I made for her for Christmas. Having spent plenty of her time behind a needle, she could look at it and see the hours I spent working on it for her. It makes me feel good to give something to someone that I created with my hands and my creative efforts. (Also, thank you for the cross-stitching catalogs you have sent home with Kris. I have a hard time reading a magazine with Mya around, but have enjoyed looking through them in my rare spare moments.)

Kris just commented that this is a really long "comment post". As he said, he is a man of few words. What can I say, I am a woman and a loquacious typer.

Else said...

Stacey, thanks for your comments and for visiting! (And feel free to make your comments as long as you want--grin.) I am glad you are enjoying the cross stitch stuff. I am glad you are finding that hand made art has its own reward for the artist. Keep up the good work!

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