Saturday, April 16, 2005

More ATCs

A Hiatus

Hello, I am back again! March was a hectic month and so have been the first weeks of April. We are preparing to move cross-country, so art has been neglected a bit. I will be posting several things over the next few weeks--in "short spurts" and not in my usual journal format. But I think you will enjoy, nonetheless.

More ATCs

My latest batch of ATCs are shown in the picture above. From left to right, clockwise:
"In Memory Of Nat"--carved in honor of our beloved guinea pig, Nat, who passed away last week.
"Dolphin Border"--Printed in Kaleidacolor ink.
"Birds and Boughs"--Adapted from a Chinese papercutting.
"Mail Dolphin"--My character for Carvonia Myrth, a collaborative carving project, Finlea the dolphin delivers mail wearing her jaunty beret.

More soon!

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