Friday, August 12, 2005

Showing Off!

I proudly present my 5-year-old niece Juliana, who is wearing a poncho I knitted for her birthday. Her doll is also wearing a matching poncho. I had to show this off not because of my knitting skill, but because she is such a coquette--can you see a future Miss USA in the making?

I am simply delighting in my nieces and nephews now that we are moved and back in the Midwest. It is like having some brand-new kids to pamper and love!

Stay tuned for more artwork and thoughts in the next few weeks. My camera is on the fritz, so photos will have to wait! Meanwhile...

Art Thought Of The Week

"The arts are your first and best destiny."
With apologies to Mr. Spock of the Enterprise

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Book Reviews: Enjoying Color

I recently "discovered" the English textile artist Kaffe Fassett. If you want to be inspired by color, this is one of the artists to get to know. Mr. Fassett is well-known for his wonderful, multi-patterned and multi-colored sweaters, mosaics, and quilts. Two books to look at are:

Passionate Patchwork, by Kaffe Fassett with Liza Prior Lucy. ISBN 1-56158-650-1. The Taunton Press: 2003. This book features 20 quilt designs and color inspiration. Experienced and beginner quilters alike will be inspired by this book. Many feature Mr. Fassett's own fabrics. But the colors and patterns--this is what this book is truly about!

Glorious Knits, by Kaffe Fassett. ISBN 0-517-55843-2. Potter Publishers: 1985. Features some of Kaffe's first sweater patterns with his luscious colors and exciting graphic designs (Little Circles and Persian Poppy are my favorites). These sweaters will never go out of date. When I first saw the photos inside, I wanted to run out and buy a rainbow of yarn!

Both books offer wonderful photos, instructions for projects, and plenty of text explaining the artist's process (always a favorite with me!). Check these out of your local library. They will literally brighten your day!

Mr. Fassett's web site is located at

More soon...

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