Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Knitted Bears are Super!

It's a bird...it's a plane...it's SuperBear!

Love is hugging a SuperBear.

At work, we have a Thursday lunch knitting group called the "Knitwits." We get together, knit, chew lunches, and chew the fat. One of our charitable projects this year involved knitting bears for the Mother Bear Project. Using the Project's pattern, you knit a bear and send it to them with a $3 fee. They in turn ship your bear to a needy AIDS child in Africa. We are sending over our batch of bears (currently around 20) to Africa in January of 2006.

Charitable knitting is a wonderful way to serve others and also use up one's knitting stash. Google the term "charity knitting" and you'll find hundreds of sites you can knit for. You can knit baby clothes, shawls, blankets, pet gear for pet shelters, and lots more.

We all love to knit-- now pour your love into your knitting. The recipient of your project will be warmed in many ways!

About the bear pictured above:

On the side, I wanted to explore the possibility of this pattern. I varied colors and created SuperBear, a Christmas gift for a friend's daughter. The SuperBear logo is NOT knitted. I embroidered it onto yellow felt and then stitched it to the front of the bear.


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acrylik said...

Love the bear, Else! Also great to browse through your blog and see some of your carvings - wonderful work as always.

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