Saturday, January 14, 2006

The "New Batch"

My January batch of ATCs (artist trading cards).

No, I'm not talking gremlins here. These are my January artist trading cards. This batch celebrates my love of knitting, although these stamps are the only sweaters I've made so far! I'm much more into shawls, felted purses, and "stuff." Right now I am knitting a triangle-shaped shawl using Lion Brand "Homespun" yarn in Candy Apple--a wonderful red color.

The card in the upper left is a miniature of my Christmas card. I'm finding that making scanned miniatures of my larger art pieces and mounting them on an ATC is a small and portable way to take my art with me if I want to share it with friends. A small stack of ATCs can always fit in a purse, backpack, or briefcase.

Articles on ATCs are popping up everywhere--the latest one I saw is in the January issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. These articles are a great way to spread the word--small format art is a nice way to showcase carvings, small pieces of stitchery, miniature quilts, collage work, and photographs. Although magazines, TV shows and books only focus on a small number of artists (and these are the same ones over and over), I encourage you to surf the net and see what other artists are doing with ATCs--professionals and amateurs alike. Simply use the search terms "ATC" and "artist trading card" in the search field of your favorite search engine.

More soon from your Bellas Artes "craftina"!

1 comment:

acrylik said...

Beautiful carvings, as always, Else. And combining them with knitting - even better! :)

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