Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tag People

More fun with tags: tag people!

Here is my newest tag project. For this one, I took commercial tag stamps, a tag punch, and other tags and doo-dads to create tag people. The head, arms and legs are stamped from a stamp I carved from soft carving material. But you could easily use paper doll parts or even heads, arms and legs cut from pictures to make your tag people. I used mini brads to connect the pieces together, but experiment with tiny buttons, eyelets, or simply glue the parts into position. Have fun with this--it's a great chance to use up scrap cardstock and other little bits and bobs you have leftover from larger projects.

A cool site. Check out This Canadian company publishes "collage sheets" of many kinds with vintage images, and sells lots of other supplies for collaging (like charms, fibers, German scrap, and other goodies). Their gallery rocks. I especially like their artist trading card section. Very inspiring!

More soon!

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