Friday, March 24, 2006

More Knitsquares!

FINALLY! Here are the other three knitsquares I've created. I've been on hiatus a bit since my camera died. But I have a new camera now and will be posting things on a more regular basis. It's fun to dress up knitsquares, then photograph them and print them on cards, etc. And they would look great framed in a shadowbox. So get out our scrap yarn, knit up a square, and decorate it!

Cool Embroidery. If you like to embroider, or don't know how and would like to learn, or simply want modern and very "kewl" designs to stitch, check out Sublime Stitching. A few colors of embroidery thread, cloth, needle and some simple stitches will make a masterpiece. Make sure you check out Jenny Hart's Gallery on the site, too!

More soon!

1 comment:

eepy said...

Good to see your blog active again, Else. I love the knit squares - regretfully I am a total klutz when it comes to needle and thread. The most I can do is darn socks - and they aren't pretty!

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