Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Else's Eyelet Scarf--Free Pattern!

What will soon be a scarf!

This is my first "official" knitting design. My inspiration was a very cool eyelet scarf my aunt made for herself. I've learned to "yarn over" to make eyelets, so here is my interpretation of her design. I basically guessed all the way, so your patience is appreciated!

As you can see, I've just started and the scarf is still on the needles, but I wanted to share with you in case you wanted to make something like this. The yarn I'm using is a thin, sport-weight coral acrylic from the Netherlands (from my mom's stash) on #9 US needles. For a summer scarf, it might be neat in a cotton yarn.

Use any thickness yarn and size needles appropriate to the chosen yarn. Gauge will vary with yarn used.

Cast on 29 sts.

Row 1-4: Knit.

Work pattern:
Row 5: K5, *(YO, K2T, K2), repeat from * to end.
Row 6: K2, purl across to last two sts, K2.
Row 7: Knit.
Row 8: Same as 6.
Row 9: Knit.
Row 10: Same as 6.
Row 11: K3, *(YO, K2T, K2), repeat from * to last 2 sts, K2.
Rows 12-16: same as 6-10.

Repeat rows 5-16 until desired length. Knit one more Row 5. End with 4 knit rows. Bind off.

K = knit, YO = yarn over, K2T = knit two together

Note: This pattern is my design. You can use it but don't post it to your website, or sell it. Instead, link to my site. Thanks!

More ideas soon!

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