Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tag Cards

Tag card samples.

Ever need a quick, small card without an envelope? Tag cards are a quick, easy and fun way to make a card to attach to a package. You get the functionality of a tag and the fun of a handmade card all in one. Shown above are some samples I've made.

How To
Supplies: Template, cardstock, 1/4 inch hole punch, slit punch, scoring tool, ribbon or cord, stuff to decorate your tag card, scissors, gluestick, pencil.

Make it: Download the PDF template. Make the template out of cardstock for sturdiness. For your actual project, trace around the template and cut out of cardstock. Score along line; punch hole. Punch slit about 1/4 inch in from outside edge (look at picture of completed project). If you don't have a slit punch, you can improvise by cutting a "V" shaped notch with a craft knife. Decorate the front of the tag card as desired. Write a message inside. Finish off with some ribbon through the hole and attach to your gift package or bag. You're done!

Be Prepared
Trace and cut out a bunch of these and keep them for future use. Then when you need a quick little card or tag, just whip one of these babies out, score, fold, punch, and decorate and you are done!

Note & References
1) The template is my own creation. Please don't post it to your website. Instead, link to this blog. You can download and use the template for your own fun, but don't sell it or reproduce it on another website.
2) I got my slit punch from Stampin Up.

Embroidery Book Reviews
A long time ago in my grade school days, my mom taught me how to do crewel embroidery. I finished a bunch of kits over the years and when I was 18, switched to cross stitch. Well, crewel is back and there seems to be a resurgence of interest in this type of embroidery! I, too, am starting back up. So below are my reviews of two way-cool crewel books and two cross stitch books. All four books have superb photography, good instructions, and inspired projects.

Joan Elliott's Native American Cross Stitch, by Joan Elliott, ISBN 0-7153-2071-8, David & Charles Books, 2005. This splendid book from the UK has to be the most beautiful cross stitch pattern book I have on my shelf. The designs are radiant with every shade of turquoise, desert color and beads. There are text samplers, baby gifts, a Navajo sewing basket set, many flowered items (like a spectacular desert flowers sampler) and many other useful and beautiful items. The photography is great and you will "itch to stitch" these beauties! I know I will be making one or two of the Indian saying pictures for my corner at work. The instructions are clear and Joan offers many "finishing" ideas.

The New Crewel: Exquisite Designs in Contemporary Embroidery, by Katherine Shaughnessy, ISBN 1-57990-680-X, Lark Books, 2005. Crewel embroidery consists of special embroidery stitches on linen twill. Dating from medieval times, pictures back then consisted of birds, flowers, leaves and scenes. Crewel is becoming popular again, and this book makes it easy to learn or get back into it. The designs are sweet, modern and colorful (most only 3 by 3 inches) and use only a few stitches per project, making this a practical introduction. There are florals, odd shapes and other motifs shown as pictures, ornaments, an apron, pillows and etc. Stitch with confidence!

Picture Your Pet in Cross Stitch, by Claire Crompton, ISBN 0-7153-2070-X, David & Charles Books, 2005. Pet lovers want portraits of their pets, and this great cross-stitch book has dozens of breed patterns (from dogs and cats, to guinea pigs and horses) for you to pick from. Change the floss colors to suit your special friend, and start stitching. I mention guinea pigs because I have some, and cross-stitch patterns of piggies are rare—yet this book has a whole page of them! That got me excited. There are also some winsome sayings about pets to stitch with some of the designs. Various finishing techniques are shown, from the traditional pillows and pictures to more unique accessories. Another fine stitching book from the UK.

Colorful Stitchery, by Kristin Nicholas, ISBN 1-58017-611-9, Storey Publishing,2005. Subtitled "65 Hot Embroidery Projects to Personalize Your Home," this book is full of COLOR! You will love the fun to fancy to mod designs of flowers, curliques, and what-have-you to stitch on pillows, bookmarks, hot water bottle covers, and greeting cards, to name a few. The photography is great and the instructions clear. I found a kit of Kristin's at a local craft store and am currently embroidering it. It's a garden of loud-color flowers on bright orange linen. Way fun, and keeps my interest.

So, now that it's spring, you might want to "spring" into a new craft--embroidery! Give it a try; it's easier and more fun than ever. More soon!


Kristin said...

Thank you for your lovely reveiw of my new book Colorful Stitchery. I'm glad to hear you found a kit - is it done yet? That kit- Quirky Crewel - was my favorite of the group.

Have fun!


Else said...

Kristin, Thanks for visiting my blog! The kit is about halfway done. It's looking awesome--but then, it had an awesome designer!

Discount Cards said...

Its a nice to see the method to how we make the tag cards. Its looks really easy. Keep it up...!

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