Thursday, August 03, 2006

Celebration Collage Cards

I created these ATCs for a swap called "Celebrate" hosted by MailArtByDesign (again, fellow artist Debby is the actual hostess). The question to answer was, "What do you celebrate?" Well, animals are a favorite of mine, as you know. So here they are! Enjoy!

I've been asked, How did you THINK of that?! Well, I have to admit I don't really know--I just let these cards happen. I choose an image first, then pick a card color that complements. I dig through my stash of paper scraps, etc. and just start gluing stuff down. Sometimes I add rubber stamping. Usually I choose the quote last. I see how much room I have left and let the overall composition speak on its own. Then I surf the Net or look in books of quotations until I find something that fits. And sometimes I make up my own quotes. It's all silliness, really. But totally fun. And free-form creating in my studio sure relieves STRESS!

I heartily recommend some creative time in one's studio every day. You don't have to reach any kind of goal or even finish anything (though that's always nice!). Just go in there and play. It's cheaper than therapy and you never know what masterpiece or inspiration or new technique you'll come up with. And it sure beats watching garbage on TV!

More soon!

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