Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Funky Knit Purse

Front of purse. The reverse has blue on top, green on bottom.

Lining of purse.

This week I finished this knitted lined purse! I used bulky yarn and a pattern from Funky Chunky Knitted Accessories by Jan Eaton (ISBN 1564776476). This unique book features basic "recipes" for a purse, scarf, capelet, mittens and a hat using "chunky" (#5 weight) yarn. Then it presents ways of embellishing the patterns by changing stitch patterns, using multiple colors of yarn, or adding beads, trims, etc. I really like this modular concept. I chose to knit up the bag first, to learn the pattern, but I used two colors of yarn and lined the bag after finishing it. This will take the strain off the yarn when the bag has stuff in it. I reversed the colors of yarn on the back of the purse, too. The finished size of the bag is around 11 inches wide by 9 inches tall. A great size for going out to dinner or a quick trip to the store. I highly recommend this basic, but inspiring, book and this "funky" project! More soon!

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