Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ColorMeSilly Calendar

I am part of a round robin project group called ColorMeSilly (see the link under "Projects," at right). Members are currently creating blank, color-oriented books to pass around each month next year--each time you get a book, you create art on two or three pages and pass it on to the next person, etc. (I'll be sharing more about this in the coming months.) In addition, each of us is supposed to create calendar art for a month of the year. I chose March, and displayed is my finished calendar art! The month of March inspired me to think of wind and wings; hence the butterfly image and quote. One of the group's members is kindly assembling the calendars and will distribute them so we have an artful way to begin the new year!

Something else that's new is the look of Bellas Artes. I've changed the blog template and have added some great new features in the right-hand column. Click on "My Links" to see my other sites. "Projects" lists current online art groups I am participating in. "Free Goodies!" are exactly that--here I'll have instructions and patterns for various crafty type projects of my own design. Feel free to use these, link to my site, and respect copyright, please--don't copy them, distribute or sell them, or display them on your site! "Inspiration" lists other art-type sites that I like to visit or that inspire me. And way at the bottom you can sign up to have this blog delivered right to your email box when I post new content. So please don't be shy--join my growing list of subscribers!

November is when I begin my Christmas crafting frenzy. I don't know how much I'll get done this year, but I'll be sure to share what I can here at Bellas Artes. Let the "Christmas Craftdown" (as opposed to countdown) begin! More soon!

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