Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From the Archives: Fabric Postcard

From my archives: Here's something different I dabbled in a few years ago. This is a fabric postcard (about 4 by 6 inches) which is supposed to be completely mailable. Created like a small quilt, it has stiff cardboard inside instead of batting. On the back is a place to write the address and message. The front is decorated with small stamps I carved in a tropical theme, including the words. (I guess I should get the courage to mail it back to myself and see if will really go through the mail!) Deb Richardson's blog has an awesome tutorial on how to make quilted fabric postcards using a different technique than I used--and I think easier (I just made mine up on the fly). I'm inspired to make postcards like hers. They are like fabric collage. More art soon!

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