Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's A Stage

What's this? Inspired to create a backdrop for photographing some of my creations, I got a box from work, cut it up, and put some dollhouse windows in it...

After shopping for some snappy scrapbook paper, I had the makings of some wallpaper...

I'm planning on putting curtains on the windows and painting the window frames turquoise. I already have a few props, and here's the result:

Here's Sunny the Ami Bunny and...

These poor little guys. The bear head is actually supposed to be a Christmas tree ornament, so I guess he's okay without a body. The little blue guy is supposed to be my imitation of a Hallmark character who will remain unnamed so I don't die of embarassment. He still needs arms and he doesn't look a bit like he's "supposed" to. He's an ugly little guy who needs some love.

Well, enough craftiness for today. I'm supposed to be making baked ziti so I better get to it! More soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! The room looks super cool. I can't believe how natural it looks with your "works of art" sitting in there.

You should make a backyard with fake grass. That'd be fun.

One thing though, where is the body to that head on the stool. That's kinda disturbing ;-)

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