Friday, January 05, 2007

My Round Robin Book--Pages

Now for some pages from my "Ocean Jewels" round robin book! Shown above and close up is the cover page that you see as you open the book. The seashell is vintage postcard art. The sea plants are Matisse-like carvings I made. I created the lettering on my computer and then cut and pasted it in place. The graphic page border is from a vintage clipart book. I simply xeroxed it onto blue paper and cut it out.

When you turn the cover page over, you enter the "sign-in" section of my book. Here, artists sign in when they receive the book to decorate. On this sign in page, participants choose a sea creature from the seaweed forest and sign and date the back. I signed in on the starfish. The creature images are vintage clipart from Dover Publications. The "seaweed" is actually a free-form cutout that I sponged with two colors of green paint. The page itself is again sponged with blue and lilac paint, then bordered with a wave stamp I carved. I echoed this motif on the second sign-in page, below. There will be twelve participants in all working on my book.

Below you can see the two pages I decorated in my own book. I love whales, and used them in this composition. For both pages, I tore strips of blue colored papers from my stash and from magazine pages I had hoarded. I glued them down to make a layered water effect. The whales were cut from an old calendar. I like how they are posed in motion. In the first page below, the sun is actually a hugely enlarged piece of clip art. Enlarging it so much gives it a nice, rough feeling. The little ship is my own carving, and the words are from a Bible verse about the ocean.

On the second page of my spread (below, and a fuzzier scan than I intended, sorry!) I added other blue elements cut from old magazine pages, as well as a piece of fabric to which I sewed some blue spangles and a jeweled flower brad. I couldn't help myself and on both pages had to add the rather loud blue rickrack and aqua sequins. I like the wave effect of the rickrack!

As I create art in the other participants' books, I'll post it here on my blog as I am able.

Blog updates: I've added a label called "how-to." When you view these posts, you'll see projects I've made for which I provide directions, so you can make them yourself! Enjoy! More art soon...

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