Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Round Robin Book

My round robin collage book is ready to go! What is that? Well, a few posts back I shared how I am part of a collage book group called ColorMeSilly. Twelve of us are creating blank books according to a color and scheme, and we will rotate them from member to member all through 2007. As we each receive someone else's book, we'll create art in it and mail it on the next person. So this time next year, I'll receive my book back full of everyone else's art. It's a way cool collaborative project, and I look forward to working in each member's book.

My theme is "Ocean Jewels" and my color scheme is all colors ocean--blues, greens, purples, aquas. The picture above shows the cover of my book. The shells ringing the cover are from a necklace I got in Hawaii in 1973. Below is the back cover of my book.

When you open the book, the first thing you see is the inside front cover (below). Two envelopes contain instructions to participants and mailing labels to use when sending the book on. The cover page tells you that this is a "curious compendium of collage and art celebrating the sea." I used sponged ink, clipart, my own carved stamps, and vintage images to decorate this page.

The inside back cover and ending page are shown below. I used some old calendar pictures to line the inside back cover, and the ending page shows a vintage shell postcard reproduction with the word "FIN" (the word "end" in French). But it could also be fin, like in fish fin. (I didn't do this on purpose, I swear.)

The book is drilled and tied together with ribbons so that the book can be disassembled when folks want to work on their pages inside. Each spread is tabbed with members' initials so they know which pages are theirs. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone creates! In my next post, I'll show you close up what I did on my own spread in the book. More soon!

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Kris Black said...

very beautiful. I truly love the color scheme.

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