Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cupcake Purse & Ami Dolly

I made this crocheted cupcake purse and dolly for a certain little girl I know who will have a birthday in March! The purse is from a pattern by Purl, and the amigurumi dolly is an "Ogilvy" from a pattern by ChezMichelle. Both are crocheted in the amigurumi style (that is, in a spiral), making these quick and easy. I love how both of these turned out, and just the right size for tiny hands to play with. The purse (about 4 by 4 inches) is also great to house that perfect small gift!

I've also added my own art gallery on Flickr that shows more of my art not featured in this blog. Please visit it and mark your favorites! I hope you enjoy the display! More art soon...

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