Monday, March 12, 2007


Here is my spread in Heather's FOREST traveling journal. It's a celebration of the Ents, or Tree Folk in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy (Volume 2: The Two Towers). Part of the Elvish song about the Ents yearning for the Entwives is printed on the right-hand page. On the left-hand page is a tree with a face, representing the Entwives. The treetop is cut out and hand colored green paper sprinkled with clear prisma glitter for sparkle and dew. The green leaves on each outer page edge are from a carving I created and then stamped on textured green paper. I cut these out and glued them in the book. The background of the pages is misted-on green ink covered by two leaves made out of mulberry paper and cut out. I used a small leaf stamp randomly on the empty spaces. I'm really happy with how the pages turned out--a small Tokien tribute! More art soon...

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Pen said...

This layout is gorgeous! I love the background leaves holding the tree and poem. I love your leaves running down the sides. The colors are just so beautiful!

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