Friday, April 13, 2007

100 Photos on Flickr

I've expanded my Flickr Art Gallery--it now has 100 items, and I plan to add more over the coming weeks. Here is a sample called "The Star Money." These six small carvings were created to illustrate the fairy tale of the same name for a book swap many years ago. On Flickr, I've divided my work into three "sets": Carvings, Arts/Crafts/Collage, and Etsy. My plan is to upload the body of my work since 1995 or so, when I began carving in earnest. It's a great way to share art, and Flickr offers you the opportunity to join groups and socially network with other artists. I've joined groups specializing in stamp carving, collage, artist trading cards, and amigurumi, for starters. The community is friendly and it's SO inspiring to see other artists' work. Flickr also allows you to order prints and products of your work from various online vendors. So, visit me on Flickr, and enjoy! Post your comments, mark your favorites! More art (here and on Flickr) soon...

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