Thursday, April 19, 2007


Here is a piece celebrating Leonardo da Vinci from my archives. He was an artist first, yet Leonardo combines so beautifully the "engineering/science in art" and the "art in engineering." That is why I chose and carved a wing he designed and a bird he drew. He was always thinking of how things worked without losing an appreciation of the beauty or working of the original. The spirit of Leonardo was that art was his best destiny--it helped him look at and understand the created world. I can relate to that!

New on this site: I've added a section called Craft Tutorials (see it in the right hand column). These are tutorials I've found on the Internet that explain how to make various arts and crafts. I've chosen these for their clear pictures, explanations and diagrams. I hope they can be helpful to my readers!

New on Flickr: I've added some more art. Visit, and enjoy! Click on the Flickr link at right.


Penny said...

Very cool! Love the Da Vinci art! I am a big fan of the man! You did him justice!

acrylik said...

Beautiful piece, I love the art you have created. Da Vinci was such an amazing creative force.

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