Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little Haru

Okay, crocheting cute food will seem weird to some, but I was inspired by dumplings.

I thought, how neat it would be to make a dumpling amigurumi with a cute face. So I did. Here he is, Little Haru ("spring" in Japanese), posing for the camera. I hope he brings a smile!

And now, on to crafts that mean something.

Bead for Life is eradicating poverty in Uganda one bead at a time. Through this organization, poor women and families in Uganda, many who are suffering from AIDS, are able to make an income and support themselves by making and selling these wonderful paper-bead necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. I learned about Bead for Life last Christmas and ordered some beads. Not only is this crafting excellent, it touches your heart. Please visit their site to learn more, and shop for beads, too. Don't miss their video on YouTube, either. You will be inspired. Every bead you buy means the world to these women!

More art soon...

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