Friday, April 06, 2007

To be a Woman

Another traveling journal finished! The theme of this journal was "To be a Woman," and was to feature your thoughts and feelings on the feminine. This journal was made of fabric--each muslin page was bonded to Timtex (a stiffener), creating a unique surface to create on. Using Proverbs 31 as my theme text, I used a combination of fabric, stitchery and paper to make the left and right pages shown above. I don't usually use pink as a color, but this time I pulled out lots of pinks and reds out of my fabric stash for a monochrome palette. I like Proverbs 31; it highlights the beauty of the womanly arts, especially sewing and creativity, hence the buttons throughout and the image of a thread spool for the woman's halo. Now it's packed and ready to ship to the next artist; another journal should be coming my way soon!

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