Friday, June 29, 2007

Dumpling Gang

Meet the Dumpling Gang! These cuties are designed and crocheted by me and available in my etsy shop now. Here is Graham, who loves to play. His spikey hair and bowtie give him a happy look.

And his friend Daisy, who loves to garden and protects her fair complexion with a straw hat.

Finally, here is lovely Cherry, who's winking because she has a secret. . . she's calorie-free! (And Cherry is very happy because she's already found a new home!)

More amis will be visiting my store soon, so please stay tuned!


Heather Robinson said...

These are really cute and very funny. They each have their own, rather mischievious personality. Love them.

Jess said...

These are SO funny! I like cherry.

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