Thursday, June 21, 2007

Etsy's Home Page!

My House Buttons are on Etsy's front page! Check out the second row, third item! It is so exciting to be featured--what an honor! I made some sales as a result of this showcase, too. But it's just neat to be recognized. Here's a close up of the buttons:

The buttons are real art created with a tiny stamp I carved. I colored the images with colored marker and pencil. These buttons are great on clothing, toys, bags, or anywhere you need a little flair. I have different sets in my etsy shop--check them all out!

I have some new things in the works for late summer and fall, including some exclusive amigurumi toys and some felted coin purses. Please visit Etsy. There are so many cool artists there who need your support. And stay tuned for more products and art!

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