Friday, June 01, 2007

Shelly the Mermaid

Shelly the mermaid has swum in, just in time for my aunt's birthday. Again, lovingly crocheted from a pattern by Ana. Shelly loves beads and shells, like any good seagirl, so she has decked herself out with some. And no outfit would be complete without a matching flower. She's a cheerful sort, so when she's not singing, she's smiling. My aunt really liked adding Shelly to her doll collection! More art soon. . .

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I really like this mermaid. The blue hair is awesome.

Is she safe to play with in the tub? If not, tell your aunt. That's the first thing I would do with her is let Mya, my little princess, play with her in the tub.

Okay, I'm kidding. I know she's not tub safe ... but that's why I'd put her in a little plastic freezer bag and then she would be.

Seriously, I love the ... uh ... little mermaid.

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