Sunday, July 08, 2007

Red & Black Journal

This month's traveling journal featured the colors red and black. I chose a dance theme because I really wanted to use the doll part stamp I had carved to make tag dolls. It had sort of a clown/pierrot feel and by positioning the arms and legs, I can make these tag dolls look like they are dancing! The right hand page (above) features a tag doll and a vintage gal wearing a pierrot collar and head scarf. Her pensive mood shows she is thinking about dancing (hence the ballerina on her cap). I used various papers to "scrap up" the tag I used for the doll body.

The left hand page (below) is a tiny stage featuring some vintage can-can girls. I used glitter on their dresses and clear buttons on top of their faces for a slight magnifying effect (the picture doesn't show this very well; sorry!). I found two dance-related quotes to paste above and below the stage. I am pleased with how this red and black theme worked out! More art soon!


Heather Robinson said...

These pages are fantastic! They really capture the spirit of dance. Beautiful in every way.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Else! And so happy these pages are mine, all mine.

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