Saturday, August 04, 2007

Chester the Post Owl

Chester the Post Owl is busy loading up for his daily mail delivery. He's having a hard time juggling everything, as he wants to take his copy of Harry Potter 7 along to read on his break. Like all good mail owls, he loves Harry Potter, though he takes offense at what happened to Hedwig. It feels kind of personal, as he is the same species--white barn owl--as Hedwig was! For more pictures of Chester, go to my flickr gallery. Chester was lovingly crocheted from a pattern by Ana Paula! Here's what he finally fit in his bag:

I've added a new category at right--Craft Shopping. Here I'll share with you my favorite online spots for buying craft supplies, patterns and other gibbly bits (yes, a real word!)--those "little things" we all need, often in excess, to finish off our creations. Enjoy!


Holly said...

Omigosh, so cute! I love the way you took ana's pattern and made it your own! So much attention to detail... Harry would be proud. :P

Click to view... said...

I don't even read Harry Potter and I love this little guy. His mailbag is awesome with all the deliverables. Great job. Maybe I'll start reading Harry now with Mya.

Marisa said...

So cute! He reminds me of a character on a computer game I adore. I'm such a nerd. Anyway, he is totally fab!

(PS, those russian dolls were bought blank, but I painted and varnished them myself, pretty nifty though!)

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