Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mermaid Journal Pages

Paper dolls and women feature heavily in Martha's traveling journal, which I've been working in this month. Her journal is a retasked volume of Little Women, the novel by Louisa May Alcott (and one of my personal favs, too). I decided to feature a mermaid paper doll made using my carved stamps and the story, The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. I've always loved this story, especially the ending where she is redeemed, but now that I'm "grown up" I'm also able to view it with a cynical eye--what we women will do for love! It's sad, really!

Anyway, to make these journal pages, I first glued three pages of the book together on both left and right sides to get stiffer working surfaces. I then layered cut-outs and tissue over the printed pages. I wanted the print to show through as this was an altered book--and I wanted to preserve the book page. I stamped and painted the tissue surfaces and then began to adhere my page elements: the mermaid doll, gems and buttons, the ball gown paper doll dress I made, shoes, dress form, etc. Under the tulle skirt of the gown you can see a bit of the Little Mermaid story. The headline, All for legs, all for love is my cynical self peeking through. Below is a close up of the ball gown page. More art soon!


acrylik said...

I've really enjoyed dropping by your blog today, loads of lovely new things to see! Always enjoy your creativity, and thanks for sharing that fabulous gnome pattern :)

Else10 said...

You are so welcome! I am glad you are enjoying my blog! And thanks for the lovely comments! :)

Heather Robinson said...

These pages are nothing short of stunning. I love hearing the thinking behind their creation.

Anonymous said...

Else I love the pages you have created for Heather. They are gorgeous!


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