Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Patch (above) and Cissy (below) are brother and sister mushrooms who are different from the rest of the bunch. They each have only one spot apiece, and so they get teased a lot, but this doesn't keep them from having fun. Patch loves to haul his wagon around. Today he has his Dangerous Book for Boys and green rubber ball in it. He loves games and mischief but he's a kind-hearted soul who cares for his little sister a lot.

Cissy is younger than Patch and adores her brother. She loves taking care of her acorn baby doll, and covers him tenderly with his leaf blanket when he is sleeping. Cissy likes to feel pretty, so she wears bows under her cap.

Here they are together! Patch and Cissy are amigurumi 'shrooms of my own design. I crocheted them using Red Heart Soft yarn, which is smooth and shiny and crochets up so easily. I had fun making these and I hope you will enjoy them, too. See more pictures of these shroomy siblings in my Flickr gallery. More art soon!

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