Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crafts of Christmas Past

As I was decorating this weekend, I was reminded of the many things I've made for Christmases past (especially when I was not working full-time outside the home). I've dabbled in several crafts over the years, and here are some of the results.

I love little houses and buildings, so many years ago I made the "glitter houses" shown above from a pattern in Martha Stewart Living magazine. They are made of chip board (like the thin cardboard on the back of note pads), painted with acrylics, then glittered with fine prisma glitter on the walls and round white glitter for snow on the roofs and bases. The windows are cut out and backed with glassine paper (like the paper those post office stamp envelopes are made of). The snowman is a boughten "Snowsnickle." Each house is about three inches high.

Before I got into knitting and crochet, I was a crazy cross-stitcher. I mean, I've cross-stitched literally hundreds of items over the last thirty years. I fell in love with this pre-made angel frame and had to complete her with the precious saying within. Each year I hang this angel over the coat rack in our front hallway as sort of a blessing to all who leave and enter the house.

We lived in Utah during 1994 and Heidi, one of my neighbors, knew another neighbor who put together kits to make 12" square mini quilts like the one above. There were twelve kits, one for each month (I think I bought and made ten). The neighbor's husband also hand-crafted the quilt hanger and shelf to custom fit the tiny quilts. I especially like the tiny Santa in the center.

I haven't really made too much this year with the exception of the amigurumi ornaments featured in a previous post, but I do love uncovering the things I've made in the past, enjoying them anew (and remembering the hours of crafting) as I find special spots around the house to bring in some Christmas cheer. More art soon!

P.S. Can you tell? I have a new camera! I'm just learning to use it, but I am loving it! It's a Kodak Z812IS with wonderful German lenses. Uber!

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Debby Harriettha said...

Else I love all your decorations. I especially love the village.
Merry Christmas!

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