Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Farewell to another Christmas!

Christmas is done . . . at least for now! Santas bid Christmas a fond farewell in this tableau of dolls I've made over the years. In the center is a stuffed Santa I cross-stitched. The Noah's ark motif is precious and the animal buttons trimming his costume are painted ceramic.

The red and green Kris Kringles are crafted from flannel and curly wool roving. Their faces are "sculpted" and painted. I made these from a kit by Gail Wilson Designs. She designs lovely folk-art style kits and dolls.

Speaking of stuffies, we had a crowded and busy Christmas with all our boys, daughter and baby grandson stuffed into our little three-bedroom ranch. But it's been a fun time with lots of laughter, presents and good times. It was a special blessing to go to church on Christmas Eve for the annual potluck and vigil service, where we celebrated the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of another baby, the gift of Our Lord Jesus come to earth, and contemplated our place in this event:

What shall we offer You, O Christ,
Who for our sakes has appeared on earth as a man?
Every creature made by You offers You thanks:
The angels offer you a hymn,
The heavens a star, the magi gifts,
The shepherds their wonder, the earth its cave,
The wilderness the manger,
And we offer You a Virgin Mother.
O Pre-eternal God, have mercy on us!

We, and all creation, have something to give. Christ is born, Alleluia!

More art soon!

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