Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Hat for Peppi

Peppi loves his hat with tassel! When I first started crocheting the hat, I thought of making a little baseball cap. I got the top crocheted and had to leave it for a few days . . . when I returned, I was messing with it and rolled up the edge, and lo and behold! a beanie! I thought it would be cute to put a dangly tassel on it, so I did. Peppi's hat also looks interesting on my dog, Daisy (who is having surgery today on her hip--I am blogging so I don't worry too much). Hopefully when she is convalescing at home I can get a picture of her with it on. It sits perfectly between her two ears. Very dapper. More art soon!


matushkadonna said...

Delightful! And I like the previous one too, I have a soft spote for gnomes...thanks for commenting on my Deja Pubd blog-- I've been very remiss in checking on the comments and only spotted yours now!

Debby said...

Else, this is so cute. Love it.

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