Saturday, April 12, 2008

WIPs: Lamb & Jesus Prayer

I'm back! In February I started a new job and it's kept me on data overload for a few months--hence, not much crafting. However, I've dabbled a bit on evenings when I don't pass out on the sofa after dinner. Here are some of my works in progress. Above is a knitted lamb from a pattern by Fuzzy Mitten. I hadn't knit for a long time but this little friend was not hard to do as the instructions were excellent! I used Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes wool yarn for this project. Somewhere in my workbasket there is a little purple sweater I am knitting for this lamb. I hope to finish that soon. Lamb is ready for spring and is sitting in a seagrass basket from South Carolina. The eggs are painted, wooden pysanky eggs from our local Polish market.

Since we are in the Orthodox Lenten season (Orthodox Easter--Pascha--is April 27), I am cross-stitching the Jesus Prayer. This pattern is my own design and you can download it for FREE! All I ask is that you please respect copyright and use it for your own personal stitching only. If you want to link to the pattern, link to this blog, not to the pattern itself. The chart has DMC floss listings for you to use, but I am doing my project in Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread on 14 count Aida fabric. One strand equals two strands of DMC. It is an all-cotton fiber with no sheen so you get a nice natural, folkish feel to the stitching, especially on linen. It comes in hundreds of colors, too. It's a lovely fiber to work with! I'll post a new picture when I have it finished and framed.

My tulips are finally coming up after a long, gloomy winter. I hope your garden is starting to grow, too! Wishing you a lovely Spring and a holy Pascha. More art soon!

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vana chupp said...

These are so sweet! We are Orthodox Christians too and it's so hard to find a craft or something like this. I am so glad i found you blog.
Kali Anastasi!

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