Monday, May 26, 2008


Inspired by Floresita, I made a monkey from The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo! He is called Mono-Mono (mono = monkey in Spanish) and here is his story.

Mono-Mono may look blue, but he is a serious and intellectual monkey. True, he's from the jungle, but he's no animal. He loves books, French food and is quite fond of historical films, especially those starring Indiana Jones. M-M enjoys a proper British tea, complete with scones and cake.

Mono's favorite articles of clothing are his orange vest and red fez with tassel. He is always careful to carry a hanky in his pocket, as you never know when you'll be in the presence of a weeping lady. A fresh flower on his lapel is a necessary item, of course. Currently, he resides in Paris where he teaches classes in deportment and sporty dressing.

Mono was very embarassed to be caught sans vest as he cavorted in the mulberry tree outside his home. Don't tell him you noticed his belly button. You can see more revealing shots of M in my flickr! More art soon!

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