Friday, May 30, 2008

No Spoiled Doggies!

I don't really believe there are spoiled doggies, despite what this little quilt says--which is exactly why I stitched it! I crafted this 12-inch mini quilt several years ago, changing the coloring of the dog to match my own precious girlie, Daisy. Daisy has had a rough time since January. She's had two major surgeries and tons of medications. She is an older dog (14 years old this year) and all of us have been amazed at her longsuffering, resiliency, and courage. It's incredible, what animals can teach us. I know she has been in pain, but she bears it (silently! and never once complaining) and "keeps on keeping on"--following me around the house or when I putter in the garden. She never fails to be with her "people," no matter how hard it might be to move around. She is truly faithful and loving. It is humbling to see. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful and loving companion!

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