Friday, July 04, 2008

Peace and gardening and a hedgehog

Every year I try to dabble a little more with gardening. The tags above represent some of the perennials I planted this year. But the real gardener is my husband, who can plant seeds that get gigantic almost immediately. He also has a knack for buying the saddest little tomato plants--the rejects--and getting heaps of tomatoes from them.

I'm a flower girl. I love all the colors and shapes and their sweet faces turned towards the sun. This year I turned one side of our second garage into a "meditation garden." I've planted perennials and garden doo-dads (I have a weakness for garden ornaments). I sewed a cottage curtain to cover the garage window and hung an icon of Christ in it. The St. Francis statue has followed us on two moves and I am comforted knowing that he is praying for the garden and for the creatures. We have a yellow garden bench in front of the garden so we can sit and have a bit of "peace and gardening." I like to rest there for a bit when I arrive home from work. Listening to the breeze, the birds and the neighborhood sounds helps me slow down. Often, I pray.

The asian lilies are amazing this year. Two years ago, I planted six bulbs and only two came up that weren't sickly looking. This year, though, they are having a happy time. The bulbs have obviously split and I have tons of plants with gigantic fiery-red blooms. The angel you see peaking has been with us for years. I love her tiny, doll-like face. Please visit my flickr for more garden photos!

I've been really behind in my crafting. I have lots of ideas during the day but by the time I get home I am often too tired to work on my art. I've accepted this and tried not to judge myself, but it's hard. So I'm resigned to some small projects, the results of which I'll post later this weekend.

The last couple of months have been difficult. I had some health issues in February and that seemed to set the tone for my tiredness--and my doggie, Daisy, had two surgeries, which she is still recovering from. My son, Zack, who has a chronic neuropathy, was in the hospital five days for treatment (no effects yet). Now our guinea pig, Omelette, is ill. This is all emotionally draining and I think it drains my "art energy," too. But I also know I have to keep myself busy with something day-brightening. A little project here and there seems to do that!

Here is Agnes, an amigurumi hedgehog I made from a pattern by Amy Gaines. We had "hedgie fever" here a few weeks ago; Zack decided he wanted a hedgehog so we did all kinds of internet research to learn about them. But since he is going to college in August, there was the issue of whether the dorm would allow him to keep a hedgie. Alas, the answer was no, and so hedgie plans are on the back burner for now. But I made Agnes as a keepsake of that week where I had already brainwashed myself into keeping the hedgie for Zack if he wanted to get one anyway. My weakness for animals and my motherly love sometimes get in the way. . . More art soon!

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