Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moves & Moths

My number three son went to college this week! After sending my first two sons off, I thought this move would feel "different," as I had more experience. It didn't. I was able to put off emotion during packing (note the Martha-Stewart-perfectly-packed van) but now it's hit me that he's gone and I miss him!

We had a very nice five-hour drive to his campus, the sun was shining and the sky was very blue, and the temperature was pleasant. It's a totally "flat" drive--only farms and prairie--but beautiful nonetheless with all the green and tidy fields, with hay rolls and farm buildings dotting the land at uneven intervals. Upon checking out of our hotel, we saw this:

A wonderful luna moth!

Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study has a detailed quaint description of the luna under a vintage black and white photograph on page 297:

The delicate, exquisite green of the luna's wings is set off by the rose-purple, velvet border of the front wings, and the white fur on the body and inner edge of the hind wings. Little wonder that it has been called the "Empress of the Night."

We were so close to it that we could have handled it, but we didn't. Only the camera's lens touched its beauty.

The college move-in went well and so did the unpacking and "interior decorating" and arrangement of the dorm room. You can see a bit of our trip at my flickr.

My latest foray into mushrooms resulted in these amigurumi 'shrooms from a pattern by Rosie. I love how natural they look! I used a two-toned yarn for the stem and Red Heart "Fleck" brown yard for the caps.

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