Saturday, January 31, 2009

A cozy spot

Here is my new cozy spot. Since I developed sciatica, my hubbly and I had to shop for a firmer (but cozy) chair for me to sit in while I read, knit and embroider. I became inspired and added a new Charleston Ott Light (my eyes really needed this improvement) and a sweet blue table from LLBean.

No chair is complete without a hand-knitted pillow and a blankie (this one was my very own crib blanket from long ago--it is 100% Scotland wool and is lap-blanket size--after 50 years it is still in wonderful, usable condition). You can also see my knitting basket on the floor in in front of the blue table. Behind the chair you can see my red ladder shelf with my collection of Tom Clark alphabet gnomes and some Shelia houses on the top shelf.

Here is a close-up of the LLBean table. This is a great little piece, about 24 inches tall in "porch blue." Wonderful for my newly blue-painted blue living room. Current goodies stashed on the table's shelves include: needlework frame with "work in progress," basket holding embroidery gear, my Bible, my latest Persphone book, my book annotation gear (pouch on 1st shelf), some more books (Writing stories for children, The art of domesticity, Cherry cake and ginger beer), and on the bottom shelf, a pink-lined basket full of knitting, sewing and crochet tools and bits. I can sit in my chair and have everything at hand!

Finally, here is a papercutting I made many years ago. It's a Quaker saying and I take it to heart. I framed this in an inexpensive 8 by 10 inch frame from Walmart. I've hung it in my kitchen where I can see it every day. The cutting is from a kit by Papercuttings by Allison. She's is an amazing paper artist and with her kits and expertise, you can easily learn papercutting, too. It's a lovely vintage art and very inexpensive.

I hope you have a blessed week! More art soon!


Kris Black said...

I like cozy spots.

Liz said...

Cozy indeed! Love that little table.

Josette said...

Else, I worked on a journal project w/you and 10 others in 1999. A quarterly journal that each artist contributed a page to.... AND you did all the work of collating the issue and sending it out to all of us... It was a wonderful experience. I treasure the results and thank you.
I'm delighted to see you've continued to grow in creativity and energy! Josette Lee

Stacey said...

The table is so cute. You inspire my own organization in this house. I love the papercutting. You are right that is very inexpensive but can be very intriguing. I never realized it was an art form.

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