Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Labor Day Weekend

I had an awesome extended Labor Day weekend. First, I finished this "casita" from a pattern by Ana. Can you tell it's a mushroom? The little wooden 'shrooms are Etsy finds, and the little flower doll was created several years ago from a project in Wee Felt Folk: Enchanting Projects by Sally Mavor.

I also FINALLY finished this Blessed are the Meek cross-stitch project from a pattern by Little House Needleworks. I took it to the framers this morning and hope to see it back soon. I'll hang it right next to Cherry Hill over my front hallway coat peg rack.

The sleeping beauty above is a resident of Brookfield Zoo. We went to visit the zoo on Labor Day--the crowds were mild and the weather was gorgeous. My back also tolerated the almost-four-hour outing, too. It was great to see all the creatures, who were also enjoying the weather!

This little fellow was making a show of himself, jumping from rock to rock in one of the animal pens. He stood still long enough for me to zoom in and capture this shot. Unlike Alvin, this chipmunk didn't sing, but the crowds sure enjoyed him!

We visited Australia House in the zoo, where we could see wombats, echidnas, kangaroos and other Australian marvels. But before we entered, we had to educate ourselves in Oz-speak, above.

Finally, I have to say that Brookfield Zoo has everything, including a brontosaurus sunning himself in front of the main fountain. He bobbed his head at visitors and wagged his tail in a friendly manner. I could almost hear the Jurassic Park theme music playing in the background...

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