Monday, November 09, 2009

Arbor Lake in Fall

Only a block away, in my residential neighborhood, is an open land that the village of Orland Park, Ill. has named "Arbor Lake." This little lake has afforded me much pleasure over the years as I've driven past on my commutes, as I've seen all manner of wildlife there, including a beautiful buck that raced across the prairie ringing the lake one foggy morning.

This summer the village completed some graveled paths along the lake, along with a shelter area with benches. So, during this past weekend's beautiful weather, my family and I set off on foot to see up-close what we could only see before from the car window.

Though fall is almost over, there was plenty for your faithful photographer to snap on.

One reason fall is my favorite season is COLOR. Fall colors are comfort food to our eyes, and a fitting way to see out the year and proceed into winter--one final, glorious hallelujah by the trees towards God.

Seen up close, this milkweed seems like wild cotton, reminding me of my years in South Carolina.

Finally, as we traveled along on one of the paths, an worn wooden cross rose up with the prairie grass. There seemed to be a path beaten to it, so out of curiosity, I followed. There I found the well-tended grave of someone's canine friend, decorated with flowers and dog toys. "Julius, we'll miss you" was scratched on the cross. Nearby was a smaller grave with toys and flowers, unidentified, but again, a doggie friend. I can imagine they enjoy being there, probably having enjoyed many mornings sniffing the "sniffs" that all dogs love as they walk with their masters.

Have a blessed week, dear readers!


Kris Black said...

Those photographs are beautiful. I love the golden glow of the field. Incredible how calm that lake is in the photo. I would have to have thrown a rock in it as the little boy in me could not resist it.

Alex said...

I will have to go here next time I'm home!

Anonymous said...

Julius was a young boy, who was in a motorbike accident in the field. Very sadly he passed away.The marker was placed there by his family.

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