Thursday, November 05, 2009


Why are these daisies blooming in November? And for that matter, blooming for the second time this year? Answer: global warming.

Why is this deer white? And why is it staring? Answer: This deer is living on Argonne National Lab's campus. It is NOT radioactive. It is a rare-breed white fallow deer, the descendant of an original pair imported from the UK. I was taking pictures and it was mesmerized!

What's under here? See below.

Under the blue knitted thing, otherwise known as a tea cozy, is my new ceramic teapot with shamrocks. I love this pot and its dainty design. The cozy is of my own design, knitted out of super bulky Lion Brand yarn in my favorite seed stitch.

Thus end the mysteries for today! See more fun photos on my flickr. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I loved the mysteries of the day. This was a fun read and I was intrigued the whole time.

The deer is beautiful. I saw deer in Columbia, SC just the other day on our street. It was a mommy and her two fawns. The kids were with me and we sat there in the road just starring at the other family.

Ever thought of making a Mac cozy? bet you could sell those for some serious bank. I'd buy one.

Else M Tennessen said...

Thanks, Kris. Yeah, I love the deer. A "Mac Cozy," huh? I'll have to give this a serious think...

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