Saturday, January 30, 2010

Llama coziness!

Not the best photo, but at last, the cowl I knitted from the llama farm wool I picked up a year ago. It's a lovely basketweave pattern and the yarn is dual-colored, brown and off-white, handspun and very soft. As I was knitting, at times I still had to pick out tiny pieces of dried hay from the fibers! This only added to the charm. Natural fibers ROCK!

I have one more batch of llama yarn to knit up. Here is a picture of "All My Love," the llama it came from.

The yarn is a creamy white that has been handspun with a silver thread throughout. I'm debating whether it should be a shawl or a scarf.

Finally, here is a sneak peak of a new toy (the pattern, that is) that will soon hit my Etsy store. Stay tuned!


CorrugatedCardboardBoxer said...

That looks lovely! I want to give it a go. Can you pick up Lama wool from any old farm with Lama's? Or do only some of them let you take the wool with you?

Else M Tennessen said...

At the farm I visited, the owner had her llamas' wool handspun by someone in the community. Your best bet is to call your local llama farm and ask if they sell yarn made from their wool. Good luck! And thanks for visiting my blog! :)

jen duncan said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving me a nice comment today. I am quite jealous of your mad crochet skills. You make such cute stuff!

Else M Tennessen said...

Thanks for visiting, Jen! Glad you like my amigurumis! :)

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