Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Moleskine

I love my Moleskine.

These "legendary notebooks," used by Picasso and now the world, are addictive! I go through periods where I scribble and craft in them for days, then go days without. It's like I binge on their little pages.

I am currently finishing up my first Moleskine, a small hardcover sketch. When I first got this book, I didn't know quite what to do with it, though I could feel inspiration scratching my brain. I've carried it in my purse for two years, filling it with notes, lots of lists, scribbles, craft ideas and collage-type layouts. Now that I am almost done with this one, I have a better feel for what I can do in them and my shopping list for the next book(s) goes like this:

  • another hardcover small sketch just for art
  • a small lined softcover for scribbles
  • a small hardcover lined that I am going to make into a travel journal

I don't think three Moleskines are too many, do you?

For work, I have a softcover lined large that is my daily log, notebook, idea book and etc. I swear if I lost it I'd have a meltdown.

I love my Moleskine.

For more select spreads from my Moleskine, please visit my flickr Moleskine gallery. Enjoy!

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