Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPad: the first 24 hours

My iPad arrived promptly at 9 am, Saturday, April 3 just as promised! After doing a prolonged happy dance (!), I got ready to unbox it, camera at the ready. You can see the unboxing process on my flickr in the Gizmos & Gadgets set. By the way, the only printed documentation the iPad comes with is a 4-by-six-ish double-sided card. Basically, it says plug your iPad into iTunes and let it rip!

Updating iTunes and Syncing

Before syncing it with Gandalf, my Mac, I had to update iTunes. That took a few minutes so I started the laundry and my Pascha planning, as services were that evening.

When I first plugged it in, iTunes told me that it already had an iPad synced to my Mac, but what it meant was my iPhone (Apple's got to fix that typo). It gave me the option of formatting my iPad just like my iPhone or to sync as a whole new machine, which was the option I chose.

iTunes wanted to sync everything in it had to my iPad, but I didn't want this. So while it was syncing I clicked through the various category tabs and changed my options. The sync took awhile because I forgot to change the options on Podcasts and it dumped all my 'casts onto the iPad. I'll have to fix that on my next sync. I did have it dump all my Apps that I had on my iPhone onto the iPad, 'cuz I wanted to see how they did on the iPad.

Finally the sync was done and it was time to play!

WiFi and Mail

I connected to my home's wifi in record time, and to Google mail, too. Easy-peasy. And the iPad is super-fast on the web, very nice! I love the mail browser, which has the mail list on the left and the actual mail open on the right. Easy to read and it loads new mail really fast.

Landscape or Portrait?

I chose Landscape right away and used the rotation lock so it wouldn't flip back and forth while I used it. It's very sensitive. Plus, I guess the landscape mode reminds me more of a computer and is easier to hold two-handed or lay in my lap.


Apps native to iPhone are funny. When I launch them, they come up the same size as on the iPhone (i.e., small). But there is a "2x" button at the bottom of the screen so you can magnify the small size--but it looks pixel-y. This will force app developers to make two versions of their apps--one for iPhone and one for iPad. Smart developers will make their apps "smart" so they sense what kind of mobile device they are on!

I also realize that some of my apps will be unnecessary, like the ones I use on the iPhone to connect to flickr, facebook, and other social networking. I can get to these just as easily using Safari, bookmark them, and treat them in the same way as if I was using a Mac. So I'm going to delete those apps on my iPad.

One cool app that I downloaded right away was Netflix for iPad. Now I can watch all my "play instantly" movies on my iPad! And it remembers where I was in the movie I am currently watching. Total coolness.

Oh. And you can drag up to 6 items from the iPad home screen onto the Dock. This is awesome! I love that Mac-type feature.


In a word, awesome! You can download this app for free from the iTunes store, and it comes with a full version of "Winnie the Pooh" with full-color illustrations. This is actually one of my fav books so I was very happy. The type and illustrations are crisp and wonderful, and you can page through the ebook like a "real" book. Simply push the lower page corners to go forward or backward. I browsed the iBook store--there are many free books but the ones on sale are def more expensive than Kindle books. And yes, I WILL be keeping my Kindle!


Although the speakers are tiny, the iPad has wonderful sound. I was very pleased. I could hear my movies crisply and my music sounds wonderful. I have yet to use the speaker jack, but I'll try that soon and comment on it.

Case & Stuff

My Apple iPad case won't arrive until later in the month. So this afternoon I might sew myself a quick sleeve just to keep my iPad protected as I take it with me.

What do I miss?

I haven't explored this, but I'd love to print from the iPad and I can't figure out how to do it. There's nothing about printing in the User Guide, though. I'll figure this out.


I haven't decided on a name for my iPad yet. I'm torn between something from Tolkien (which is how I usually name my gadgets) and something from Star Trek, since the iPad is SO like a Trek PADD! I know I need to decide soon.

What else?

Well, that's all the playing I could do, as I was getting ready for Pascha (Easter) and had a ton of other chores to do. But this week will be a "testing and downloading all kinds of stuff week." I'll blog about that soon.

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