Thursday, April 15, 2010

Library Wednesdays 2

Yes, I skipped last week Wednesday (it was too nice to hide in the library), but this week I had to return books so of course I had to load my book bag again. Here's what I got:

Owls of the World: Their Lives, Behavior and Survival, by Dr. James R. Duncan (very official owl title, I'm sure.) ISBN 1552978451. Published by Firefly Books, copyright 2003, Dr. Duncan. This large-ish coffee table book contains over 290 luscious pages of owls and text about them. I had to check it out as I am on my owl kick right now. Chapters range from basic info about owls, to "Owls in Mythology and Culture," to essays such as "A World for Owls," and "Their Global Conservation." I look forward to looking through these pages!

Next, Celtic Decorative Art: A Living Tradition (by Deborah O'Brien), With an Illustrated History of the Celts and their Art by Mairead Ashe FitzGerald. ISBN 0862785987. Published by O'Brien Press, Dublin in 2000. This thin paperback contains an essay on Celtic art followed by black-and-white line drawings (with colored examples) of Celtic designs. I'm going to use these for artistic inspiration!

The Hidden Life of Deer is by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Hidden Life of Dogs. ISBN 9780061792106. Published by HarperCollins in 2009. I love the way Thomas writes about nature. Both a naturalist and an anthropologist, she has a lovely way of describing animals and our relationships with them. In Deer, she tells the story of watching a herd of deer near her farm during a hard winter where she supplemented their food with hand-out dried corn. I'm hoping to learn lots about deer from this book. I started reading last night.

Keats by John Keats is an Everyman's Library Pocket Poets book. ISBN 9780679433194. Ever since watching the movie BrightStar, I've wanted to check out Keats' poetry. Now I have a chance! I like this book's small format--a mere 4 by 6.5 inches--perfect to slip into a pocket or purse and enjoy in an idle moment. I am a fan of small books.

That wraps up this week's Library Wednesday. This week is National Library Week, too! Check out your library. You're sure to find hidden treasure within.


Ivan said...

Thanks for using our lovely Celtic Decorative Art book! To complete your records, it was first published a full ten years ago, in May 2000.

Ivan O'Brien, The O'Brien Press

Else M Tennessen said...

Thanks, Ivan! I am enjoying the book. Blessings!

JKW said...

These look terrific. Thank you. Blessings, Janet

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