Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hedgie Biscornu and Fob

Here is my latest finished project, a biscornu pincushion and scissor fob I designed for my friend, Sana. I drew the design in this neat cross-stitch software program called MacStitch 2010 (for the Mac, of course) by Ursa Software in the UK. They are a great company and they have really good customer service. Check them out!

I like making my biscornu on Aida fabric because it always squares up (important for biscornu construction). This color was called "Mint." On the back of the scissor fob, I stitched Sana's initials. The mini mushrooms made a really cute backside, don't you think? The scissors are only about 2 inches long and are called "Little Gems." Adorable.

It's always nice to have fun things in one's sewing box!

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