Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reading Erin Hart

I am not a mystery reader. However, when I started Erin Hart's book, Haunted Ground, I couldn't put it down. My friend Michelle gave it to me because she knows I am totally in love with Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I'm also a history-anthropology-archaeology buff and a music/arts buff, so this book was absolutely perfect before I started reading it because it has EVERYTHING!

Erin Hart
In Haunted Ground, forensic scientist Nora and archaeologist Cormac are brought together to investigate "bog bodies" -- the ancient, preserved remains of folks who died and were buried in Irish bogs. Along the way, they also get involved in solving the murder-mystery behind the disappearance of a young mom and her son. The village suspects the husband did it, but as they unearth clues (literally) and get to know all the players in the tragic disappearance, they know it can't be that simple.

The book had a great sense of place: you really got "that Irish feel." Lots of stories and legends are mentioned. Cormac is a session flute player. Nora sings magnificently. The characters speak in brogue. It's Irish all right. Love it!

Well, as soon as I finished Haunted Ground, I had to run to the library for her next two books, Lake of Sorrows and False Mermaid. I couldn't even wait to buy them through my Amazon Prime account, I was that desperate to read them right away. (Sorry, Amz, I still love you!)

I finished Lake of Sorrows even faster than Ground. Again, it's a bog-body murder mystery, along with some really wretched villains! Nora and Cormac are now an "item," there is a modern bog body, there's a quaint Irish cottage, a golden treasure and much more.

Now I'm reading False Mermaid, which takes place in St Paul, Minnesota (Yay, MN!). Nora has returned to solve her sister Triona's murder. And yes, there is a bog of sorts and other Irish bits like selkies and of course, Cormac. I'm about a quarter way through, so I can't tell you more right now. But I can say this: once again, I can't put it down. After work, I am rushing home to read it!

If you want to learn more about Erin Hart (who is totally cool, by the way) visit her website. And check out her books at the library or on Amazon. You won't be sorry.

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