Sunday, October 10, 2010


I hadn't thought much about typography lately (even though I enjoy this topic) until I watched the movie Helvetica yesterday. What an awesome film!

While it's meant to be a documentary/history of the Helvetica typeface, this movie had lots to say about the evolution of culture, graphic design, and how we see our world (and how graphic design MAKES us see it). The movie includes really candid interviews with famous European typographers and plenty of eye candy for the armchair traveler, as the movie takes one from the Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and more.

After watching this film, I love Helvetica again and now understand the logic and beauty behind it. I may need to break out my old typography books and enjoys the world of fonts once again!

Here is the Helvetica trailer for you to enjoy:

The movie is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon!

One more thing: yes, Virginia, Arial is definitely NOT Helvetica.

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