Friday, October 22, 2010

The Secret of Kells

Last weekend I watched the wonderful animated film, The Secret of Kells, on streaming Netflix. The story stars Brendan, who lives with the Monks of Kells and his friendships with Aidan of Iona, a master illuminator and Aisling ("Ashling"), a fairy-wolf. While the Abbott of the monastery is fixated only on building a huge stone wall around the monastery to keep out the Vikings, losing total sight of the purpose of the monastery (to produce illuminated Bibles to spread God's word), Brendan keeps his eye on the prize and through Aidan, discovers his gift of illumination. This is a whimsical story of the origin of the Book of Kells.

The film is a visual feast. Celtic and nature designs dominate and the characters are winsome and lovable. The music is a glorious amalgam of Irish instruments and beat. There is a certain "Pixar" feel to the pacing of the story and the way the characters are portrayed. I learned about this movie while reading a blogpost and I am so glad I took the time to watch it. Highly recommended!

Watch the trailer here. Buy it from Amazon here.

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