Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sewing for Blythe! First dress

Not the best pic, but here is the first dress for my girl Fiona. I call it Prairie Flower, because of the prairie colors and flower motifs of the fabric, which I got at my local quilting store. I made the dress from a pattern at the Puchicollective, which has many patterns for Blythe. This one, for the A-line dress, was easy-peasy so I started with that.

This pattern will be easy to decorate, too. I added the "jabot" of lace at the neckline and a very thin ribbon tie. After trying it on Fiona, I discovered that if I layer the dress over pants, I have a nice, long tunic. Fun!

The same day that I received Fiona by post, I also received another dress for her that I purchased on Aimee Ray's etsy shop, little dear.

I love how Aimee made a little pocket pet -- a puppy -- to keep Fiona company when she wears the dress. And over flowered pink tights, you get a really nice girly look! Here is Fiona, sitting in her plush chair (which is really a re-purposed pincushion from a local sewing store!).

Finally, a close up of Fiona and her lovely auburn hair. What a coquette!

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